Earlier this year Czech Republic rider Libor Podmol was throwing down in the GAS arena at the Goodwood festival of Speed. We caught up with him for a quick chat!

What’s up Libor? What do you think of the UK so far?

Year it’s been good here at Goodwood, everyone’s cool, there’s lots of nice big trees and I just had a fish and chips hahaa! There are a lot of good riders here and lots of my friends so that’s cool. The weather is crazy though – windy and rainy but everyone says that’s England haha.

What had you been up to before coming over to the UK?

I was in Russia for the latest round of the 2012 FIM Freestyle MX World Championship which I won, so that was cool, before that I was riding the Masters of Dirt tour which was super fun, and then next week I’m off to Mexico for the X-pilots so it’s been really busy. After that I’ll take a couple of weeks off and go and surf.

What are your plan for this coming winter?

I will head back to California for a bit to hook up with my sponsors, Rockstar and Fox over there, and to hit up some freeride spots – it’s still easily the best place in the world to freeride for sure. It will be hard though because I will have two or three events during that month back in Europe so with all the travelling back and forth it gets really tiring. I think after that I will head to Spain to ride for most of the winter!

Cool – with Andre Villa?

Year I’ll go to Torrevieja to ride with Andre, and also FMX 4 Ever have a built a cool park down there, Edgar Torronteras is round there too so it should be cool!

I see your new film has just come out – ‘Tomorrow Will be Better’ How’s that going?

Year it’s great, we have had premiers in like 50 cinemas over in Czech Republic, around 4000 people have come out to watch it so it’s going really well.

Sweet – are you happy with how it turned out?

Year for sure, I think it’s cool – you know it’s a true story and everybody seems to like it so far, so year I’m stoked! Soon it will be available on itunes, and then we are doing some comics for it as well, so for Christmas there will be a really cool pack with comics, the soundtrack and a DVD.

Have you had time to work on any new tricks lately?

Year I have been working on 360’s and double grab flips, but I have been doing so many shows and contest lately it’s been hard to find the time to practice and hit the foam pit. I can do the 360’s well but sometimes I still land sideways and it hurts hahaa. Like I said earlier I’m going to take a week or so holiday now and then I’ll get on it, practice hard and hopefully nail the bouble grab and the 360.

Best of luck getting those suckas dialed!  

Thanks dude – we’ll catch you around

Thanks man


Here is the trailer for Libor’s new film ‘Tommorow Will be Better’  – be sure to check it out!

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