With the Australian Freestyle MX Championship series now in high demand, and with riders queuing up to have their chance to enter, 2013 has had to hold a pre-series qualifier to see which of the new, hungry up and comers will get their chance to ride in 2013! 

You can check out the video footage from the AFMXC qualifying round below! A great day was had by all and by all, we mean it was a very safe event with no crashes at all throughout the day.  Luke Mcneill took away the win convincingly with great use of the course, including  flipping the 75ft dirt hit as well as a big bag of tidy tricks.

Highlights Edit:

2013 AFMXC Qualifier results:

1. Luke McNeill

2. Callum Shaw

3. Luke Davey

4. Gyles Stainton

5. Jake Smith

6. Tristan Meade

7. Tim Egan

8. Zac MacKenzie

9. Tyler Wakeford

10. Marcus Henderson

11. Anthony Lostroh

12. Pete McCann

13. Rhett Standen

14. Tim Haag

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