Norweigan Freestyle Motocross legend Andre Villa was recently over in the UK riding some FMX contests and Demo’s. During his trip he took some time out to visit his buddy, and DC Shoes team mate Jamie Squibb. Squibby has one of the sickest, and most unique FMX and Freeride park set up’s in Europe. Villa was super keen to check out the big Devon Dirt line he had heard so much about, and get a little gnarly in the trees! We were there to capture all the madness as it went down, in what was one of the funest days with dirt bikes you could imagine. Enjoy.

Here a few behind the scenes shots from the day:

Andre Checking out some drone footage

Jamie Filming a huge underflip from the GoPro

Setting up the Drone

Squibby having some fun on the step-up

Andre throwing a huge Holyman in the trees

The drone

Andre and Jamie getting sideways

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