Australasian FMX film ‘Choose Your Fate’ by Aussie Adrenaline now available on I tunes.

Choose Your fate, directed by Ash Will, is an awesome look at the modern Aussie FMX scene. From local, dusty, outback FMX parks to the Aussie FMX championships right through to the X- Fighters in Sydney, this film will show you everything that needs to be seen from the world of freestyle motocross in Australia. There are loads of big name riders like Bilko, Sherwood and Jackson Strong, as well as a really good mix of less known up and coming riders which is always great to see. Throughout all the sections the level of riding is insanely high, with massive flip combos, 360’s, double backflips and more being thrown as standard.

The film has a pretty original feel to it, and although we did recognize a few of the songs from other films, the soundtrack is generally pumping throughout! Our only criticism would be that it could have done with a bit more hip hop – but that’s just us haha!

There are some cool scenes from New Zealand as well, and some interesting interview clips with the riders. Highlights for us included Jarryd Mcneil’s ludicrous whips, footage from the AUFMXC and the section from Jacko’s compound! 

It is fair to say that Choose Your Fate definitely has no bullshit in it – just straight up hardcore riding from start to finish. If you want to see how they do it in Australasia hit the links below and check out this awesome film now!

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Starring: Josh Sheehan, Bilko, Cam Sinclair, Levi Sherwood, Jackson Strong, Clinton Moore, Rob Adelberg, Jarryd Mcneil, Steve Mini, Pat Bowden, Chucky Norris, Kain Saul & Luke Mcneil.
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