Photography: Will Wissman / Red Bull Content Pool

Snowbikes are still a relatively new concept. By simply mounting a Timbersled conversion kit,  regular motocross bikes can be transformed into a snowbike by simply having a front ski and a 10 inch wide track in the back mounted in place of the wheels. This makes for one of the most innovative and versatile snow machines out there.  

Moto Freerider Ronnie Renner and snowbike riders Brock Hoyer & Reagan Seig recently headed out to the Idaho backcountry in this rad new edit from Red Bull. Watch the boys lay first tracks on some backcountry bowls and big steep chutes – pushing this new sport, and seeing what these Timbersled’s are really capable of. It’s pretty crazy how big these guys are going already on the snowbikes. We can’t wait to see where this sport goes over the next few years! 




  “The possibilities are endless” 




“The possibilities are endless,” Ronnie Renner told “From jumps and drops in the backcountry, to man-made freestyle hits with tricks and even racing, the sky is definitely the limit. There’s a thrill in it, a thrill you just can’t pass up.”







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