Takohkan Create is more than just a new Freestyle clothing brand all the way from Japan. It’s an FMX born creative group, headed up by Japanese style king Daisuki Daice Susuki, and formed for the continual pursuit of ever new euphoria! Takohkan is definately one of the freshest FMX cloting and apparell brands out there.

With a tight team of riders including Daice Susuki, C.O.D – Chiharu Shioda and Imachin – Sinya  Imadera, and a new skool, origional product line, we are bound to be seeing a lot more from the dudes at Tokohan in the future. In case you were wondering, Takohan means a ‘lot of happy feelings’!

Here’s a little sample of the Takohkan clothing:


For more info on Takohkan check out : http://www.takohkan.jp/

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