Deft Gloves Product Test:

When we got the chance to do a full prodouct test on the new Colab Deft Family Gloves we were stoked! We got 4 riders together and all rode in a pair of the DC and the Skull Candy colab model Deft gloves for the day. 2 pairs came straight out of the pack onto fresh virgin Deft hands, and well, Adam and Jon already had a set of Deft’s each so they just wore them and were biased from the start!

Rider: Joe Snazel – Gloves:  Deft Family white-blue Skull Candy Artisan Glove

Rider: Jon Richie – Gloves: Deft Family yellow-purple Brush Catalyst 2 glove

Rider: Stu Macey – Gloves: Deft Family white-blue DC Catalyst 2 glove

Rider: Adam Simpson Gloves: Deft Family yellow-blue DC Catalyst 3 glove



The test center:





At the end of the session we all gave the gloves marks out of 10 for the four main attributes you look for in an FMX glove.


Stu – ” Deft gloves are the way forward”

Joe – ” They just stay in the right place all day – Loved having no strap”

Adam – ” I don’t think I’ll ride in a different glove again”

John – ” Yeah, they rule”

Bottom line – Everyone loved riding in the gloves. The low profile, low weight, mininilistic style gives these gloves a very different feel to your average moto x race glove. After the session Joe yelled out ” How much do you want for these then? ” There was one small blister on Stu’s thumb at the end of the day, but we all agreed that this was a small price to pay.

Big up to Deft for making the best FMX gloves out there and to Freestylextreme for hooking us up with the gloves to test.

For more info, and a closer look at the gloves head over to:

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