Watch The Video And See The Photos Of Destin Cantrell Winning X Games Gold In Best Whip

Californian FMX rider Destin Cantrell won the Moto X Best Whip gold at X Games Minneapolis 2017 on Saturday. After years of trying to get into this event Cantrell finally got his shot, and the FMF rider made sure he made it count, finishing the event on top of the podium ahead of last years champ Jarryd McNeil and Tyler Bereman. 


X Games Minneapolis 2017 Best Whip Gallry

X Games Minneapolis 2017 Best Whip Results

  1. Destin Cantrell
  2. Jarryd McNeil
  3. Tyler Bereman
  4. Tom Parsons
  5. Nate Adams
  6. Josh Sheehan
  7. Beau Bamburg
  8. Kris Foster
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