Is FMX a wounded animal staggering around looking for somewhere to die? Or is it alive and well? Depends who you ask I guess, there have been plenty of “big name” riders say it has had it’s day, but I am not so sure. Of course there was a time years ago when there was lots on money available for people to make a living but just because there isn’t so much around now it shouldn’t have a negative impact really.

Take Rock Climbing for example, tens of thousands of people Rock Climb and only a very very tiny number of people actually make a living from it but people (some of who I know) train in their own time and then go out to climb exceptionally dangerous and difficult things at the weekend, and the scene keeps going, sure the people who can dedicate to it full time get most of the press but without the rest of the “weekend warriors” it would fall on its arse. So FMX isn’t dead, instead it is where it should be, take away the big money and the people in it for the wrong reasons and you are left with the guys and girls who will do it no matter what, in their own time and off their own back and that can only be a good thing. One such person is Cory, a sparky from down under doing it for the right reasons with a very healthy bag of tricks. DFTU welcomes Cory Bozzola.

Words by Tom Burns

Photography by Steph Dickie


Cory Bozzola




Yarrawonga, Victoria. Australia


2016 YZ250


How long have you been riding and what was it that made FMX the route you decided to go down?

I got my first PW50 when I was 2 years old and was hooked ever since. I went and saw the Crusty Demons Outback Assault Tour and thought it was cool so wanted to give it a shot.


What is it about FMX that makes you keep at it compared to say.. motocross?

Racing was never really an option as it’s so expensive to do and FMX just seems easy going. I love just going out riding with a solid crew and throwing down with ya mates, watching as they get pumped up when ya try a new trick they haven’t seen ya do before. It’s just always a good time with a good crew.

Do you think FMX in general is in a good place? would you change anything if you could?

In Australia there’s not much going for the Comp scene here, there’s only the SA FMX championship. In general I kinda agree with an article Levi Sherwood put out, but that’s just my opinion.


How often do you get to ride?

I’m actually fairly lucky as I’ve got my own compound, so I try and ride as much as I can when I’m not at work haha. Also with daylight savings just kicking off I can sneak in a ride after work during the week so maybe 3-4 times a week I try to ride at the moment.


Do you have a “regular” job also?

Yeah unfortunately I’m not on that level of riding where it’s my job. I’m a qualified electrician by trade.


What do you like to do when you are not riding?

Umm that’s a hard one I don’t really like sitting around, so I try to stay busy with my hands, building projects. I just gave my 2011 yz250 a full rebuild. It was my first time doing a bottom end and it all went back together with out any left over bolts haha!

Why are Australians so damn good?

Because it’s the straya way! Haha I’m not sure, maybe cause there just not scared at having a crack and giving it 100% when they set out to do something in the sport.


Fish Fingered FMX seem to have the right idea, how do you know Justin?

I’ve known of bushy for a while. I remember watching him on Fuel TV back in the day on home grown maniacs. But I finally got to meet him last yeah through a mutual friend, Joel Benn. He hit me up to ride for a drone shoot at Homers G spot as he likes to call it. But yeah Fish Fingered FMX has got the right idea, get a bunch of mates together and have a good time riding dirt bikes. What more could ya want ?

Do you have an opinion on the mechanical front flip ramps?

Umm, personally I’m not a fan but I haven’t had the opportunity to try one out, so I’m kinda in the middle.


Other than riding do you do any sort of training such as going to the gym etc?

Haha, nah I’m not a big fan of the gym. I just go to work and that’s usually enough for me haha. I wouldn’t mind starting to get a training routine though, try and help me progress my riding.


Do you have any long term goals for your riding?

Long term goals for riding would be learning a handful more up right tricks and get them dialled and stylish and then hopefully learn to Backflip. One day maybe riding a show in my home town in front of my family as most of them haven’t seen me ride my dirt bike before.

Would you like to thank anyone?

Yeah there’s a couple I’d like to thank. Firstly my girlfriend for putting up with me and all the random weekends away riding bikes. Also like to thank my sponsors that help me out, without them it would be a lot harder. Sponsors: Admissive Clothing, Fish Fingered FMX, City Coast motorcycles, SDphotography.


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