If you asked me which countries currently have a really strong FMX scene, I would probably have to include Sweden in my list. It’s only a small country, but those boys and girls up there are really making the most of it. Considering the long and tough winters they have, it’s really cool to see regular social media posts from (in my opinion) such a cool, active country.

I personally would love to take a trip there to ride ramps in the snow….in fact it is on the bucket list! It should be no surprise to anyone that the Swedish FMXers are a really cool bunch with plenty of personality and the skills to go with. I had a talk over a few days with one of Sweden’s finest, Marcus Dübois. Here’s what the young Dirtcult rider had to say. 

Words by Tom Burns. Photography by Peter Andersson / Magnus Kvick

How long have you been riding FMX and how did you get into it?

I’ve been riding for about 6 years now. To get into it I contacted Rickard Ratto, who was a good FMX rider in Sweden back in the day. He helped me out and told me who I should contact if I wanted to jump ramps. So that’s what happened, I got in touch with his contact and we started to jump with each other. He had ramps and a huge landing by his parents house.

Do you still ride with that guy?

No, he stopped riding 2 or 3 years ago.

Do you have your own place to ride now?

No, I live in the same village as Daniel Bodin so I mainly ride at his place.

Ah cool. So how is the FMX scene in Sweden? Are there lots of riders?

Yeah it’s kinda big here in Sweden. I think it was bigger maybe five or six years ago, but it’s still a big scene for a small country.

What do you do when you are not riding?

I have an old Chevy Chevelle from 1971 that I love to take for a drive in the summer and I also hunt sometimes.

Sweet! Is that something you have restored yourself?

No, I don’t have the tools or time to work on cars, so I bought it the way it looks.

What do people hunt in Sweden? Moose? Are there Bears up there?

We hunt Moose, Bears, Deer etc etc. There’s plenty of animals over here.

Cool, you must need a pretty sweet rifle to drop a Moose or Bear? Do you need a permit to hunt in Sweden?

I don’t know what to compare our rifles to, but it’s kinda powerful, but it’s not like a 50 cal! Yeah you do need a hunting permit and you have to do a test with questions and then a shooting test. It’s kinda hard actually.

OK, moving on from hunting, best band to come from Sweden?

Eeeeh… In Flames and Raised Fist maybe.

Good call on Raised Fist, they are awesome. Did you race motocross before you got into FMX?

Nope. My parents had no interest in motocross. But I’ve had a bike from the age of 5 so I have always ridden. Not competing though.

What was the first FMX trick you learnt?


Really! Wow. Why did you choose that first?

I guess I tried other stuff too but that one trick was just easier.

What trick do you like to do the most?

Tsunami and Rock Solid

What do you think about the special Front Flip ramps that are being used nowadays? Do you think they should be in comps?

Love the question. No I don’t like them. At all. But I guess I’m gonna have to learn to use them because it’s the future.

I agree. I think Jackson Strong said that almost anyone could ride a bike at them and pull a Front Flip.

Jacko is the man! He’s a big inspiration to me. I don’t think they should be in comps. Night of the Jumps doesn’t have, them but X-Fighters do….mechanical ramps should be banned!

Well said! What are your 2017 plans?

To learn more flip tricks. I started working on a Body Varial last week so hopefully I can learn that soon. I also plan to build a Quarterpipe and learn a bunch of stuff on that. If I can get them dialed-in I wanna bring these tricks to competition.

Sounds good man. Thanks for your time and speak again soon.

Thanks guys

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