Electric are mainly know for making snowboard goggles. If you haven’t seen them yet, they also make a dope range of motocross goggles. The company is owned by style kings Volcom, and together have awesome reputations for making quality products. Having used the Electric snowboard goggles for years, I was pretty keen to see what the motocross goggles were like.

The EG1 MX has an identical frame to the snowboarding version, but they’ve made a few changes to it for motocross, like putting a clear lens in, and giving the strap those rubber strips to hold them in place on your helmet. Other EG1 features include: 100% UV protection, Anti-fog coating, Scratch resistant hard coating, Lightweight contoured frame and an Ergonomically designed triple layer face foam. The goggles were sweet to ride in – they didn’t fog up, were super comfy, and definitely get tons of style points.

When the sun came out I decided to chuck on my Electric snowboard goggles which I had with me so I had a darker lens to help with the sun, and I thought it might be interesting to see the difference between these and the EG1 mx goggles. I had the EG2.5S which is a pretty big snowboard goggle, one down in the line to the massive EG2 and way bigger than the EG1.


The EG2.5S snowboard goggles were the tits to ride in! The huge frame makes them insanely comfy – they don’t press on your face as hard, or squish your eyes up at all like traditional motocross goggles. The huge spherical lens also gives you the best vision possible – you totally just forget they’re there.

Basically Electric – you need to step up your MX goggle game, and bring out an E.G2.5 MX goggle!

If you can’t wait for this to happen you could always buy an EG2.5 snowboard goggle and then a spare clear lens to with them –   ( highly recommended if you can afford it! )

Electric moto X goggles are available now from :

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