Famous Stars and Straps ( FSAS ) have burst onto the FMX scene lately by picking up two of the biggest riders in the sport right now – Twitch and Taka. Twitch has recently produced one of the best FMX films ever – ‘ 420% All Natural’ was a ground breaking freeride film with a sick crew of riders, amazing spots and big, steezy riding throughout – I think it’s fair to say it’s set the standard for new-skool freeride films. Twitch has also just won himself the 2012 X Games gold medal for best whip! Taka’s been busy pushing backflip grab variations further than anyone else at the moment, and his insane backlip Rock solid just won him an X Games Gold in freestyle. Both riders are pushing their FMX riding hard at the moment, and they are definitely leading the way with their respective styles . Both riders parted ways with The Metal Mulisha to join the Famous Family.


Famous Stars and Straps have now got a super diverse family of skateboarders, BMX riders, fighters, models, music artists and FMX riders. The brand is all down to Travis Barker ( Blink 182),  and takes a lot of influence from  hip hop and punk rock music. They have been operating out of Ontario, California since ’99! Famous now have a pretty huge skateboarding team including Manny Santiago, Kurtis Colamonico and many others, so it’s gonna be interesting to see what Famous has in store for their FMX division in the future.


Twitch’s joins the Famous Family

Famous welcome Taka to the Family

Famous have just released an awesome limited edition Taka Signature T-shirt!



Twitch has also just been given his own full on clothing line – Famous / JS ! Check out the launch:

Want to know where to get Famous gear from?



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