Tom Pages wins the Freestyle MX Masters Barcelona 2012!

Final Results:

1. Tom Pages

2. Danny Torres

3. Taka Higashino

4. Clinton Moore

4. Edgar Torronteras

5. Kyle Loza

After an impressive rider introduction with a crazy light show, banging music, and Edgar Torronteras and Taka Higashino being brought into the arena on the back of the huge Chevy Monster trucks dripping in super hot Spanish Monster girls, it was time for the riding to start!

The first round of the night saw all the riders put together a run with no backflip tricks – strictly upright tricks only! This round definitely gave an advantage to French rider Tom Pages, who wouldn’t have been throwing backflips even if he were allowed – his massive whips and flawless style had him leading from the start of the night. Edgar Torronteras is simply adored by the Spaniards, and when he threw his signature turn down that he had been promising the fans all week the crowd went completely nuts! This round was a really cool addition to the format, and to see each rider have to put a run together without backflips makes the night more interesting for sure –  it means the crowd and the judges get to see a much wider variety of tricks from all the riders.

Taka Higashino

Edgar Torronteras

For round 2 of the FMX the riders could throw what ever tricks they liked in their run. Of course Tom Pages still did not throw any backflip tricks, but a clean Volt and huge holy grab got him a lot of points with the judges. Danny Torres and Taka Higashino were definitely ruling the crazy backflip combo’s – Taka’s backflip tsunami was next level, and Edgar Torronteras’ huge backflip no-hander had the crowd screaming their heads off! Clinton Moore put in a sick second run with super varied tricks and big extensions ( Clinton also had to ride with another riders suspension due to a lost bag at the airport so extra props to the Aussie rider for that! ). Danny Torres was giving it his all in front of his home crowd, this Spaniard has some of the most polished and smooth tricks out of anyone for sure, and his extensions were simply unbelievable.

Clinton Moore

Danny Torres

The final round of the night was the best trick! Each rider had two jumps to throw their sickest tricks possible. Clinton Moore wasn’t messing around, and came out with a big ass 360 and a Volt to no-footer. Taka went with his X-games winning trick, the  backflip rocksolid – It didn’t look like the best one he had ever done, but it was off the biggest kicker on the course and still looked super dope! Danny Torres threw down some huge backflip combos as well, and sent one of the biggest backflip barhop variations I’ve ever seen. I think Edgar Torrenteras knew he couldn’t quite compete with the technical insanity of the likes of Taka and Tom, so he threw one of the biggest turndowns in history – it was so sick, fully 180 and the Spanish crowd couldn’t get enough of it!

Clinton Moore

Tom Pages – wasn’t gonna let his lead slip away at this stage, and he came out with a text book Special Flip scoring a perfect 10 from each judge, followed by the biggest Tsunami ever – we’re talking feet behind the front wheel shit!

Tom Pages

Finally Kyle Loza was up for his one and only jump of the night. He had been saving himself to throw his Electric Doom. He threw the trick, and it looked smooth, clean and dialed, but the bike got a little sideways on landing, and he got spat into the dirt. He was up seconds later and was OK, but he did look a bit bummed that he didn’t stick it this time.

Kyle Loza

 Straight after the show had finished the Monster energy experience truck fired up in the stadium grounds to allow the fans to get charged up on free Monster, listen to some tunes and meet the riders to get their posters / hats and body parts signed!



Tom Pagès: ‘I’m so stoked to come to Barcelona, it’s my third victory in the Best Trick category and the second in Freestyle. Tonight I had the change to surprise the audience with a very risky trick for the first time in Spain. The level of the competition this year was brutal. Dany and Taka are the two best riders in the world and had no choice of throwing the Special Flip’.

Dany Torres: ‘The riders line up this year was extraordinary and I had to give it all my best, because I was conscious that Tom and Taka are two of the best riders on the FMX circuit. I’m happy for stepping up on the podium’.

Taka Higashino: ‘I’m very happy to debut in Barcelona and giving it all to the Barcelona fans. I’m also happy to be able to share my best tricks with good receptions and to be safe’.

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