The world’s elite freestyle motocross (FMX) riders  will go head to head for the first time at the world premiere of the FIM FREESTYLE OF NATIONS in the Veltins Arena on 31st May 2014 to decide the official FIM Nations World Championship.

In this world premiere championship, teams are to be made up of three riders from the same country and will compete against each other in various disciplines. Spectators can expect to see freestyle motocross at its most extreme and at the highest standard currently to be found anywhere in the world.

The Motocross of Nations took place in Teutschenthal last weekend and was won by a team from Belgium. The Freestyle of Nations was also on show during this gigantic racing spectacle; current top German FMX riders Hannes and Luc Ackermann (Niederdorla), Lukas Weis (Munich) and Kai Haase (Berlin) demonstrated their skill and mastery of their art on the Freestyle of Nations ramp.

Luc Ackermann

These four freestyle pros were in due course officially nominated as Germany’s FMX team in the Freestyle of Nations. Top rider Hannes Ackermann is currently ranked Germany’s best freestyle motocross professional. In August, the four-time German FMX champion again successfully defended his German championship title in Riesa. During 2013, he also secured P5 at the FMX European Championship. He is in seventh position overall in the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship and currently occupies sixth position in the NIGHT of the JUMPS world ranking. Furthermore, back in 2012, he lifted the FMX Award for best German FMX rider.

His younger brother Luc Ackermann is regarded as a huge talent on the international FMX scene. The German teenager is only 15-years old and yet already holds three world records: In October 2010 at the NIGHT of the JUMPS in Cologne, he became the youngest rider ever to jump a backflip. On 6th October 2012, exactly two years later and at the same venue, he jumped over 9.00 metres in Maxxis Highest Air, the high jump competition that is staged as part of the NIGHT of the JUMPS / FIM Freestyle MX World championship series; he is the youngest freestyler to have ever attained this height. And in March 2013, he was one of 18 FMX riders who jumped a backflip during the Nitro Circus movie premiere in London, thus securing a place in the Guinness Book of Records (most riders completing a backflip at one time).

Kai Haase recently created a great deal of interest in the media when he showed what he can do on RTL’s TV show, Das Supertalent 2013, going through to the next round. In addition, he has already won the ROCKWELL Watch Best Whip contest twice this year at the NIGHT of the JUMPS. He achieved second place in the German FMX Championships and is ranked 12th in the FIM Freestyle MX world championship.


Master of the Whip Lukas Weis is the fourth member of this gang of four. The veteran rider fought his way back to form after a long injury and jumped his way straight into third place in the German FMX Championship on his return. In recent years, the Munich-based rider, who is so far the only German ace to have pulled off a ‘360’, has made the Top Ten of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship twice before (2008, 2010). And so, the host nation is the first team to have nominated its riders for the Freestyle of Nations championship.

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