The FIM and Sport Plus are delighted to announce the creation of the FIM FreeStyle of Nations as of 2014.

For the first time ever in Freestyle Motocross history, the top riders of the “Night of the Jumps”, the official FIM FreeStyle Motocross World Championship, will join ranks and team up under their national flags to conquer the “FreeStyle Crown”.

The FIM Freestyle of Nations will not be restricted to Freestyle Motocross runs only, but may also include the “Maxxis Highest Air”, “Best Whip”, “Best Trick”, “Race and Style”.

The winner of the FIM FreeStyle of Nations will be the team that has scored the most points after all runs and contests have been concluded. The nature of the event will guarantee top sports performances from riders who will be eager to defend their countries’ colours.

The first ever edition of the FIM FreeStyle of Nations is scheduled to take place in the Schalke Arena in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) on 31 May 2014.

FIM President Mr Vito Ippolito said of the new contest: “Just like Motocross and Trials, FreeStyle Motocross will now have its “Nations” event. From experience, I know that this type of competition always brings out the best in the riders. We will be seeing top class sport at the FIM FreeStyle of Nations!”

SportPlus Director Mr Joerg Hotzel added: As long term producers of the Nights of the Jumps / FIM Freestyle MX World Championship”, we are looking forward to taking Freestyle Motocross to the next level. With the FIM FreeStyle of Nations, together with the FIM and its Federations, we are breaking ground in this demanding and spectacular sport!


NIGHT of the JUMPs


31st May 2014

Vetlins Arena

Gelsenkirchen / Germany


Check back soon to see which FMX riders will be representing your nation!

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