This weekend Goodwood Festival of Speed played host to to one of the sickest FMX comps the UK has ever seen! There was a super varied line-up of riders from all around the world including Brody Wilson from the US, Libor Podmol and Petr Pilat from CHZ, Eigo Sato JPN, Fredik Breggen SZ, and The Ackerman’s from GR, Squibby from Deveon and Dave Wiggins from Gatwick! Sadly the wind was howling all weekend, but the riders still went out and threw down. The Course was awesome – it was frustrating no one could hit the 110 foot ramp due to the strong side wind, but at the end of the day Wiggins stepped up and was the only rider to hit it. Brody wilson’s insane extentions stood out for sure, as did Libor Podmol’s massive underflips and Eigo Sato’s all out sick style. It was Brody Wilson who took the win in the Final FMX comp!

Each day of action finished with the maddest re-lay race ever – two teams across big courses – trials pedal bikes to trials motorbikes to bmx trails to the fmx course! It was awesome haaha!

Final FMX Results:

1. Brody Wilson

2. Eigo Sato

3. Luc Ackermann

Check out the action below – Photgraphy by Adam Simpson:

The rider Line-up

Eigo Sato and Jamie Squibb

Brody Wilson

Libor Podmol

Jamie Squibb and Dave Wiggins

Fredrik ‘frog’ Berggren

Luc Ackermann

Brody Wilson

Libor Podmol

Dave Wiggins

Hannes Ackermann, Libor Podmol and Eigo Sato

Eigo Sato, Brody Wilson and Luc Ackermann

Here’s the edit of the G.A.S Goodwood experience through the eyes of Libor Podmol:

Full Rider List:

Brody Wilson – USA

Libor Podmol – Czech Republic

Eigo Sato – Japan

Fredrik Breggen – Sweeden

Jamie Squibb – UK

Luc Ackerman – Germany

Hannes Ackerman – Germany

Dave Wiggins – UK

Petr Pilat – Czech Republic


For ticket info head over to : http://www.goodwood.co.uk

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