Australia’s Jarryd McNeil has won the gold medal in the Moto X Step Up final at X Games Minneapolis! With the bar set at 44 feet, McNeil stomped a huge final jump to take the win ahead of Bryce Hudson and Ronnie Renner on Saturday. 

Main Image credit: Eric Lars Bakke / ESPN Images

Jarryd McNeil competing in LifeProof Moto X Step Up during X Games Minneapolis 2017
Photo by Matt Morning / ESPN Images

 Watch McNeil taking the win in Moto X Step Up in this video from X Games:


Moto X Step Up 2017 Results

  1. Jarryd McNeil
  2. Bryce Hudson
  3. Ronnie Renner
  4. Massimo Bianconcini
  5. Libor Podmol
  6. Kris Foster


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