At the Madrid round of the Red Bull X-fighters this year, French FMX rider Jeremy Rouanet threw down a sick new trick for the first time – ‘The Roulette’ ! The trick is a new type of body varial that uses a custom made handle mounted to the handlebars. Innovation and adamantium balls are two of the main requirements for an FMX rider to come up with a trick this. We caught up with Jey to find a bit more about the Roulette.


How did you come up with the idea for the Roulette?

I saw Chuck Carothers do a similar version at the 2004 X-Games, and I think loads of riders tried it into his foam pit, so that’s where the inspiration came from.

At first did you imagine the trick in your head just like it came out, or did it evolve from something different?

At first I tried to do the trick like Chuck did his, but I could not turn in the same direction as him, so I tried the other way and it was easier for me.

The big problem with this trick is how to stay in line with the bike, and so my goal was to turn my body in the right place – that’s how I thought up the idea of the handle.

Who made the handle? Is there only one in the world?

KLAYVER made it, but this one is only the first version, we need to develop the handle further. Yes, at the moment there is only one in the world!

Have you heard of any other riders wanting to try the trick?

No, but I don’t need to hear it, I think lots of riders always want to try a new trick!  That’s just normal in our sport.

Did you throw the roulette to dirt much before X-fighters?

Yes, I threw it 3 times on a soft landing just before Madrid. 1 perfect and 2 crashed! Good average.

What is the Roulette fear factor on a scale from 1 – 10 ?

Maybe 12!! Soo scary to dirt the first time.

Do you see the trick evolving even more in the future?

Year, for sure – like all tricks. I’ll work on it!!

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