Australian Freestyle Motocross rider Joel Brown has been on fire this year – winning the latest round of the AFMXC, and being one of the few Aussie FMX riders to join the Night Of The Jumps, World FMX Championships tour. With just a day to go before the next round of the AFMXC, we caught up with Joel to get his thoughts on Saturdays contest:


Coming off the win at the last round of the AFMXC at Goanna tracks, do you feel much pressure going into round 3?

There is a little pressure for sure. I do want to do well again, and have put in a lot of hard work leading up to the event. All I can do is trust myself that I have done everything I can to do my best on the day.  

How does the course at Schuie’s compare to Goanna? Does his set-up suit your riding style?

From what I have seen in a few photo’s it looks like a little tech course compared to the set up at Goanna tracks . The double double section looks tight but fun and the step on step off ramp is something not a lot of riders have ever jumped – myself included . But it looks like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get out there on my bike and have a play. I’d like to say this course is more my style. Its not too different from what I have to train on at home, just a few more jumps in the mix.  

Who do you see as your main competitors going into this round? 

Like always Schuie will be tough to beat, I can only imagine what he has been up to since the last round but I know he will be out to take the win on home soil. I also think Ryan Brown will be one to watch out for but there are more then a few guys after that top spot, and  defiantly more then a few guys capable of taking the win.  


How has your preperation been going for this Saturday’s event?

Preparation has been great, and I’m feeling good on the bike again after a few solid weekends riding at home and at Jacko Strong’s place. 

You recently rode at the Night of The Jumps in China – do you feel riding these tight NOTJ style courses has helped your riding?

Definitely. For me personally I am used to riding more open courses. While I was training and preparing for NOTJ I gave myself less room then at the competition itself, so I would go in comfortable and not stressing over the tight run up’s and landing’s. I can tell this has made a difference in my riding now.   


Have you been working on any new tricks lately? what tricks have you been thinking about trying to get down next? 

After NOTJ I came home with an open mind and a few tricks that I wanted to try. In the last week or so I have been playing around with jack hammer flips, slowly starting to feel better with them but they still need more work. Also through the bar tricks have never really been my strong point so I have been playing around with those as well!

Are there any Aussie up and comers who have particularly stood out for you so far on this years AFMXC?

Coming up and coming quick I’d have to say Aaron Guthrie has super smooth style, and now with flips in the bag he is one to watch out for. Pete Anderson is ripping at the moment as is Ryan Brown. There are a few, I thinks its safe to say Australian FMX is only getting stronger, and the level it is jumping to is world class.

What’s it going to take to beat Schuie on his home turf?

Nothing less then a perfect run. Schuie is so smooth on a bike with great extension and skills second to none. To take Schuie down on home soil is going to take the run of my life but I’m up for the challenge – Bring on Saturday! 

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