Watch The Top Three Runs From The 2017 X Games Minneapolis Moto X Freestyle

X Games 2017 is officially underway and the winner of the prestigious Moto X Freestyle has been decided. Coming off the back of two major wins at the Nitro World Games and the Red Bull X-Fighters, New Zealand’s Levi Sherwood was the clear favourite going into this event. With an ever-growing repertoire of brand-new Double Backflip combinations, the crazy Kiwi was again unstoppable in Minneapolis and took the win ahead of Josh Sheehan and Clinton Moore final. 

Watch the top three final runs from the 2017 X Games Moto X Freestyle below:

1st Place Run | Levi Sherwood

2nd Place Run | Josh Sheehan

3rd Place Run | Clinton Moore


2017 X Games Minneapolis Moto X Freestyle Results:


The Moto X Freestyle Podium | Photo: Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool


  1. Levi Sherwood
  2. Josh Sheehan
  3. Clinton Moore
  4. Taka Higashino
  5. Adam Jones
  6. David Rinaldo
  7. Rob Adelberg
  8. Harry Bink


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