Fasthouse and Von Zipper have recently come together to release a dope new line of MX Goggles! Fresh for 2016, 3 collaboration models are available, offering a nice range of prices and styles. With state of the art goggle tech from Von Zipper and some classic Fasthouse style, these bad boys are a toal winner for your face. 

Check out the range below:


“This medium to large sized goggle is the other white meat… This is the goggle that will bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan.” Fasthouse

Price: $100.00




“The Bushwick XT is a medium size goggle for a larger than life individual… This supreme piece of goggle goodness has to get down…” Fasthouse

Price: $90.00



Beefy MX

“Beefy-A bone in cut from the VZ meat locker. The Beefy goggle will convert even the most die-hard vegetarian into a carnivore. The wide field of vision creates a savory fillet of goggle au jous that is slow cooked to perfection.” Fasthouse

Price: $75.00


Get yours here: www.store.thefasthouse.com

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