In early January we set off on a last-minute road trip to continental Europe with our buddy Wayne Jacobs.  Wayne has been pushing his riding hard over the last year or so, and has decided he wants to try some Backflips. Without access to a foam pit in the UK, Europe was Wayne’s best option to send some flips. So we loaded up the bikes and headed to the ferry port. 24 hours later we docked in Spain and drove over to the Lleides FMX park, managed by Lleides head honcho Antonio Navas. There was a cool crew of riders out at the park, including a strong Czech contingent with OG’s Martin Koren and Libor Podmol, as well as David Rinaldo from France. Everyone was throwing down in the cold January conditions, and making the most of the crazy facilities. 

Watch the action from from part 1 of the road trip below, and stay tuned for part 2 from David Rinaldo’s park in France coming soon!

Part 1 Edit

Part 1 Gallery


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