The 2012 Red Bull X-fighters series is now fully underway! This year the tour stops include : Dubai (UAE), Glen Helen (USA), Istanbul (TUR), Madrid (ESP), Munich (GER) and Sydney (AUS) and all the riders have a chance of winning the $1 million prize money.

Round 5 – Munich, Germany – 12th August

Reaching deep into his bag of tricks, Thomas Pages scored the first victory of his Red Bull X-Fighters career in front of 30,000 spectators in Munich on Saturday. The flying Frenchman nailed three of the most difficult tricks known to mankind and pulled off a sensational victory over Torres on the biggest European course ever built without doing a single back flip – a trick he has steadfastly avoided since 2009. Pages is now even with Levi Sherwood of New Zealand at the top of the standings going to the season finale in Sydney.

Japan’s Eigo Sato took third in Munich with a stellar performance on a night of celebration of Bavarian traditions with an oom-pah-pah band, lederhosen trousers and women clad in snug-fitting dirndl dresses that warmed up the spacious arena on a cool summer evening.

Sherwood had an 80-point lead in the championship coming to Munich but was a disappointing fifth after being ousted in the quarter-finals by the red-hot Pages, who became the crowd favorite for his electrifying jumps: the Special Flip off the seat of his bike, the Volt that left him spinning in mid-air above his bike and the Flair – turning a 540 degrees in mid-air. “I had so many hot tricks to do tonight and felt the crowd pushing me on,” said Pages, who hinted he may try a back flip again soon. “This was the scariest event I’ve ever done.”

Pages is now even on points at 235 with Sherwood, the winner of Dubai and Madrid, going to the season finale in Sydney on Oct. 6. Torres, who had back-to-back second places in Madrid and Munich, is now third with 185 points and Javier Villegas of Chile is in the hunt in fourth place.


1. Thomas Pages (FRA),

2. Dany Torres (ESP),

3. Eigo Sato (JPN),

4. Javier Villegas (CHI),

5. Maikel Melero (ESP),

6. Levi Sherwood (NZL),

7. Rob Adelberg (AUS),

8. David Rinaldo (FRA),

9. Hannes Ackermann (GER),

10. Mat Rebeaud (SUI),

11. Blake Williams (AUS),

12. Remi Bizouard (FRA).

Overall standings:

1. Sherwood (235 points),

2. Pages (235),

3. Torres (185),

4. Villegas (175),

5. Sato (145),

6. Todd Potter (145) ,

7. Adelberg 145,

8. Melero (130),

9. Wes Agee ( 80),

10. Josh Sheehan (55).

Round 4 – Madrid, Spain – 20th July

The Madrid round of the Red Bull X-fighters went down last night at the home of the X-fighters – the intense bull fighting ring in Las Ventas. The 26,000 strong Spanish crowd were going absolutely nuts – and rightly so. Last night saw the best riders in the world throwing down the biggest tricks out there in their freestyle runs including body varials, backflip rock solids,  insane new combos and some dope whips. It was Kiwi rider Levi Sherwood that took the Gold medal at the end of the night by fractionally beating Danny Torres in a super tight final that went down to the wire.

French Rider Tom Pages was absolutely killing it last night. He managed to throw a legit body varial, which he now looks super comfortable doing, and his new special flip into his runs with some other massive tricks mixed in as well. It was definitely one of the sickest runs in the history of the X-fighters. He was taken out by local Spaniard Danny Torres in the semi’s, in a questionable judging call.

Todd Potter went down pretty hard in practice and unfortunately couldn’t ride in the main event. Best of luck with a speedy recovery Todd!

Japan was representing hard in Madrid. Both Eigo Sato and Taka Higashino were riding really strong with awesome style, but even Taka’s rock solid backflip wasn’t enough in Las Ventas!

French rider Jeremy Rouanet made a big noise in Madrid. He unveiled his new trick – ‘the Roulette’ for the first time. A new style of body varial that uses a rotating handle fitted to the front of the bike. There has obviously been a lot of thought and innovation gone into this trick, and it got a lot of props from all the riders.


The series title is still totally up for grabs at this point, but it’s Levi Sherwood who is leading the series going into the next round in Munich Germany.

Final Results – Red Bull X-Fighters – Madrid, Spain

1.Levi Sherwood (NZL)

2.Dany Torres (ESP)

3.Maikel Melero (ESP)

4.Thomas Pagès (FRA)

5.Takayuki Higashino (JAP)

6.Eigo Sato (JAP)

7.Javier Villegas (CHL)

8.Blake Williams (AUS)

9.Mat Rebeaud (SUI)

10.Wes Agee (USA)

11.Todd Potter (USA)

12.Jeremy Rouanet (FRA)

Current series standings:

1. Levi Sherwood

2. Javier Villegas

3. Todd Potter

4. Tom Pages

5. Rob Adelberg

6. Eigo Sato

Round 3 – Istanbul, Turkey

Unfortunately due to heavy winds (45 kph) the Istanbul round of the X-Fighters series has had to be cancelled. This was a huge disappointment to everyone involved, but the conditions were just too sketchy to ride safely in so the right decision was made.

Round 2 – Glen Helen, California

Glen Helen was one of the most hyped rounds  in the history of the X-fighters – and with good reason. Set on what was without a doubt the sickest FMX course ever built, and with an awesome line up of riders including Cali home boys – The Metal Mulisha, and the insane Tom Pages, Glen Helen definately set a new standard in Freestyle motocross contests. It’s rare to see a course so big that only a hand-full of guys will hit the biggest jumps. Potter and Agee made the massive step-up look easy, and as expected totally ripped up the course, looking right at home in the Cali hills. The big surprise to some was the sick ride put in by Frenchman Tom Pages, who’s whips, body varials and massive transfers set him apart from the rest, and won him a silver medal behind Todd Potter who took the gold.

Final Result – Red Bull X-Fighters – Glen Helen, USA

1. Todd Potter (USA)

2. Thomas Pagès (FRA)

3. Wes Agee (USA)

4. Javier Villegas (CHL)

5. Eigo Sato (JAP)

6. Rob Adelberg (AUS)

7. Levi Sherwood (NZL)

8. Dany Torres (ESP)

9. Maikel Melero (ESP)

10. Nick Dunne (USA)

11. Martin Koren (CZE)


Course designs have just been released for the Glen Helen round of the Red Bull X-fighters, which will take place on May 12th! Course designer / builder and basically artist Dane Herron has really gone to town on this one, and it’s set to be the biggest course in the history of the Red Bull X-fighters. It’s definitely cool to see an X-fighters round being in held in Southern California for the first time – being the home of FMX, I bet the crowd will be going f***ing nuts when the first trick is thrown! With tons of new and rare features all thrown into what looks like a huge dirt skatepark, and then some massive step-up’s coming out of it – this round is going to produce some really varied runs, and it will be cool to see how different riders use the course . There’s some sick park riders like Villa and Pages, and then Potter and Wes agee will be right at home on the big dirt lines. Our money has got to be on Todd Potter / maybe Andre Villa at this stage but if Tom Pages is on form he could definitely be a strong contender. Bring it on!


Round 1 – Dubai:

Last night the Red Bull X-fighters 2012 tour kicked off in Dubai – and it was an absolute Banger! Some pretty major changes to the format had been made for this year. There were no Backlips allowed in the first round, the second round was 6 jumps only in a relaxed time limit, and the final rounds were just an all out charging free-for all! The second round rules caught out both Andre Villa and Danny Torres, who’s final jumps didn’t count as they were over the time limit. Some big names went out early on, and in the end it was down to Metal Mulisha rider Rob Adelberg and Levi Sherwood, making at an AUZ / NZ final! Adelberg put in an awesome run, but kind of lost momentum towards the end, leaving Levi to put down a near flawless, varied and really entertaining run, to take home a first place finish in round 1 – he looked stoked!  It was great to see Andre Villa back riding, and although he didn’t finish on the Podium, his massive no handed backflip to no hander lander stood out for sure!

Glen Helen is coming up next, and rumours about the course say it’s gonna be a big one, with some nice freeride style hits thrown into the mix – we can’t wait to see what the course designers come up with.

Final Result Red Bull X-Fighters Dubai: 

1. Levi Sherwood

2. Rob Adelberg

3. Javier Villegas

4. Josh Sheehan

5. André Villa

6. Todd Potter

7. Edgar ET Torronteras

8. Dany Torres

9. Eigo Sato

10. Mat Rebeaud

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