Practice got underway today at the fourth stop of the 2013 Red Bull X-fighters world tour in Osaka Japan. The fight for the world title is heating up as the tour moves to the land of the rising sun, and there are still lots of riders in contention for the win!

The course in Osaka. photo: Jason Halayko/Red Bull Content Pool

Tom Pages and Daice Suzuki figure out the best lines. photo: Jason Halayko/Red Bull Content Pool

Taka Higashino admits he is nervous ahead of the first Red Bull X-Fighters event in his home country but the Japanese ace has mastered one of the most difficult tricks in the world and will be among the top favorites for a victory on Saturday.

Taka Higashina chats to Genki Watanabe. photo: Jörg Mitter/Red Bull Content Pool

Taka Higashino left his hometown of Osaka seven years ago at the age of 21 for California with the fanciful dream of becoming a freestyle motocross ace. And now he’s coming home as one of the best FMX riders the world has ever seen after learning the trade in the FMX hotbed of Temeculah, California. “This is so special for me to be home in Osaka,” said Higashino, always friendly and approachable. “It’s a dream, a crazy dream. It’s all too much in a way. It feels weird that all the Red Bull X-Fighters riders and crew are here in Japan. Welcome to my home town! I still can’t believe you guys are all here.”

Taka Higashino with a huge KOD flip. photo: Jason Halayko/Red Bull Content Pool

Higashino grew up in the pulsating city, Japan’s third largest, just 15 minutes away from the venue in front of Osaka Castle in the city’s famous Nishinomaru Garden. “It’s pretty exciting to be here in Osaka and I’m really happy that the people of Japan are getting to see FMX”, said Higashino.

Genki Watanabe of Japan. photo: Sebastian Marko/Red Bull Content Pool

Genki Watanabe is one of many super strong contendors for the Japanese wildcard spot in Osaka.

Genki Watanabe with an insane look back tsunami. photo:Jörg Mitter/Red Bull Content Pool

Australian Metal Mulisha rider Rob Adelberg will be looking to continue his winning streak, after taking the win at the last X-Fighters round at Glen Helen, California.

Rob Adelberg – cliffhanger. photo: Jörg Mitter/Red Bull Content Pool

Tom Pages, winner of the first stop of the season in Mexico is guarenteed to be riding his heart out in Osaka with his Eigo Sato tribute jersey on his back!

Tom Pages with a massive Holy man. photo: Jason Halayko/Red Bull Content Pool

Taka Higashino of Japan, Levi Sherwood of New Zealand, Josh Sheehan of Australia, Rob Adelberg of Australia, Dany Torres of Spain and Thomas Pages of France. photo: Jörg Mitter/Red Bull Content Pool


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