Ride to Party Agency Rider of the Week – Davide Rossi

Age: 22

Bike: KTM 250 sx

Sponsors: Ride To Party agency, Daboot , CMYK, Airoh, Kini Red Bull, Iuter, Dunlop, Racethech, Motorex, BlackBird, TM suspension, Logica, Gaerne, Alpina



Davide Rossi is one of the youngest riders of the Da Boot and RTP teams. He is a product of the FMX school founded by Alvaro Dal Farra who is currently his personal trainer. Rossi is on a rapid learning curve, having already participated in major worldwide events and is demonstrating a great talent for riding. 


R – Davide . T – Deadbody. L – Daboot Superpark

R – Davide . T – Rock Solid. L – Daboot Superpark

R – Davide . T – Backflip. L – Daboot Superpark

R – Davide . T – No handed bar hop. L – Daboot Superpark




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