Rocketworld is the first motocross park in the UK to fully open it’s doors to freestyle riders. As of 2012, Rocketworld will be hiring out their freestyle set-up for riders to come and practice on!

Rocketworld is located on an airfield in Henstridge, Somerset, and is quickly becoming one of the top action sports parks in the UK. The facility now operates a sick motocross race track, an insane freestyle mountain bike park, a legendary lake jump, the biggest dirt mx jump in the country and now an open to the public FMX park! Owner Chris ‘Rocket’ Rose has been building up Rocketworld for some years now, and is super excited to open the FMX park. As a freestyle rider himself, FMX was the roots of Rocketworld back in the day, so he’s psyched to take the FMX park to the next level in 2012.

The FMX set-up has been designed to be as progressive as possible . 4 main ramps are set at varying distances, starting at 30 foot, and going back 10 feet each time to help riders confidently and safely progress their jumping and ramp skills. Plans are also underway to build a foam pit!

In order to ride the FMX set-up at Rocketworld, you must be a competant rider, and be comfortable on big jumps. A jumping ability assessment may be required before you are let loose on the course.


£50 a day to ride the FMX ramps

£80 a day to ride the FMX ramps and foam pit ( foam pit not yet open )

FMX training with UK pro Jamie Squibb will also be available – Contact Rocket world for pricing and dates.


Ramp Building service:

As if all this wasn’t enough, Rocketworld also offer a Freestyle motocross ramp building service. Rocket has been building ramps for years, and he is renowned as the top FMX ramp builder in the UK. He has built ramps for major events in a range of different sizes and radius’. Rocket’s ramps have been hit by the likes of Eigo Sato, Brody Wilson, Libor Podmol, Hannes Ackerman, Jamie Squibb and Fredrik ‘Frog’ Berggren – all of who have raved about them.  Rocketworld therefore offers the daddy of all FMX ramp ‘try before you buy’ services!


For more info head over to the: Rocketworld Facebook Page or call : 07805529750

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