A new FMX documentary has just be released. ‘That’s The way’ by Matt Mougel (9 O’Clock – European FMX movie) has been over two years in the making, and is available now. That’s The Way must win the award for most countries visited in an FMX film – the list is insane : Switzerland, Egypt, Mexico, France, England, USA, Japan, Russia, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Qatar and more! The line-up of riders is just as massive – Nate Adams, The Pages brothers,  Robbie Madison, Mike Metzger, Daice Suzuki, Libor Podmol, and so many more.

Having just watched the film ourselves, we can safely say that That’s The Way is truly awesome! The film has a very different style compared to most other FMX films being produced at the moment. That’s The Way is very much a documentary, as opposed to a standard FMX film, and as such it really gives the viewer a deep insight into the life of the riders, the problems they face, how they rationalise / justify what they do and the risks they take, and why they love riding dirt bikes so much. It is not often you get hear such in depth thoughts and stories from the likes of Maddo, Mike Metzger and Nate Adams, and this really gives you a better understanding, and a different perspective of the sport of FMX as a whole.

That’s The Way is for sure the most international fmx film out there, and you get a good feel for this throughout the film. Shot from so many different locations around the world, and featuring riders from so many different countries, That’s The Way really showcases the sport of FMX on a global scale.

Highlights for us included Maddo talking about how he got into distance jumping in the first place, Metzger schooling up and comers in the Cali hills, the Pages brothers throwing down in Europe and a consistently banging soundtrack!

Go check it out for yourselves!

Here’s the latest trailer:


Below are some cool rider trailers:


To order your copy now head over to: That’s The Way


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