Twitch’s 420% all natural film is finally available on itunes so go and download it now! This film has definitely been worth the wait – I think it’s fair to say 420% has just become the sickest modern freeride mx film out there! The short film has the awesome Jay Schweitzer (On the pipe, Black Friday) style that is dominating the fmx film market at the moment, as well as a refreshing and dope theme – Ride in the hills and have fun. There are so many big comps and ramp to ramp demo’s in FMX at the moment, it’s cool to see some old skool hill riding, and quality film making put out there. Hopefully we’ll see more from Twitch and the crew soon!

Set in Cali,  the guys found some truly unbelievable natural spots, and carved out the best and biggest lines possible to get sideways off. One highlight had to be Twitch hucking a foot-plant 270% off a hip – it was ill!  There’s an awesome line up of riders including Twitch, Ronnie Renner, Dan Pastor, Nate Adams, Dustin Miller, Mike Mason, MC who was really throwing down and more. A pretty inspirational film, 420% definitely makes you wanna grab a shovel and go build a new jump.

Here’s the trailer:

Behind the scenes of 420% with Jay Schweitzer:

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