Unit Riders was born out of the Gold Coast Australia back in 2002. The brand is headed up by rider, artist and entrepreneur Paul Everest.

“Unit is all about the love of riding, innovative design and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our sport,” explains Paul. “We have exciting plans for the future that go well beyond anything that’s ever been accomplished in our field.”

“My plan was to create the dopest action-sports brand of all time.” – Paul Everest

Unit has blown up over the last few years, and is definitely up there as one of the biggest and baddest brands in freestyle motocross, and now with arguably one of the best teams of riders in the world and a fully international line-up including Brody Wilson, Levi Sherwood, Tom Pages, Mat Rebeaud, Maikel Mellero, Matt Shubring, Kain Saul and Nick Franklin we are bound to see big things from the Unit riders in 2012! Unit have been producing some awesome we edits over the last few years, and we can’t wait for a full length film!

The design team at Unit are quickly moving forward with their Apparell and clothing lines, which are getting bigger and better every year. Check out the photo shoot from their 2012 catalog:

Along with their clothing line Unit are producing a heap of cool accessories from watches, wallets and iphone covers to some of the sickest bike graphics around – The dope footpeg belt is coutasy of Unit pro FMX rider Matt Rebeaud!

Unit have managed to put together one of the sickest international teams in FMX right now:

Unit FMX team

Brody Wilson

Matt Shubring

Levi Sherwood

Matt Rebeaud

Maikel Mallero

Tom Pages

One thing is for sure – the Unit Crew know how to party!!!

For 2013 Unit will be widening their product line to include footwear and a full range of MX riding kit – the first look of both look awesome.


Unit is a legit rider run brand, with some great new ideas, designs and products, and they are definitely taking things in a good direction. Unit are getting behind loads of cool events at the moment, including the Unit FMX Pro open and the Farm Jam in New Zealand, which is awesome to see.



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