Barcelona made its stunning debut as an X Games global tour venue for 2013 this week. X Games Barcelona is now done and dusted, and the freestyle motocross elements were full of suprises and excitement. Unfortunately the FMX had to be cancelled due to unsafe wind speeds, but all the other events were going off! Check out the results and highlight edits from all the freestyle motocross events from X Games Barcelona below:



Ronnie Renner collecting his Gold medal. photo: Sebas Romero/Red Bull Content Pool

GOLD – Ronnie Renner

SILVER – Josh Hansen

BRONZE – Matt Buyten

4. Libor Podmol

5. Brian Foster

6. Wally Palmer

Ronnie Renner. photo: Quique Garcia / Red Bull Content Pool



Tom Pages. photo: Alberto Lessmann/Red Bull Content Pool

GOLD – Edgar Torronteras

SILVER – Jeremy Stenberg

BRONZE – Josh Hansen



Tom Pages. photo: Sebas Romero/Red Bull Content Pool

The Freestyle Moto X has been cancelled due to heavy winds. The riders still managed to go out and throw down a sick demo!



Rebeaud, Mason and Adams on the Podium. photo: Quique Garcia / Red Bull Content Pool

Mike Mason takes a well earned Gold Medal in Speed & Style in Barcelona! An epic battle on a tight course turned into victory last night for the rider from Nevada who was riding a local rental bike for the event.   

Matt Rebeaud racking up the style points. photo: Sebas Romero/Red Bull Content Pool


1. Mike Mason

2. Mat Rebeaud

3. Nate Adams

4. Andre Villa

Finals: Mason  vs Rebeaud

Semi-Finals: Courey vs  Rebeaud

Bronze Match: Villa vs Adams

Quaterfinals Heat 4: Adams vs Faisst

Quaterfinals Heat 2: Torronteras vs Villa


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