The Dew Tour FMX Tripple threat returned to San Fransico, California for 2013, where the huge dirt landing was constructed in front of City Hall. This three-part contest combines whips, flips and upright tricks. The format is set up so that riders must show their old skool FMX abilities in the form of whips and traditional tricks during the upright section with no inverts, or spins of the bike or the riders body allowed. Then comes the ‘new school’ backflip round where anything goes – spins / flip combo’s – whatever! 10 riders each took their turn showing off their best arsenal of tricks to prove they have the whole package.

A stacked field consisting of some of the worlds top FMX riders geared up to ride this unique event. For the second year running it would be USA’s Adam Jones who took the win ahead of Metal Mulisha rider Todd Potter, and recent X Games champ Taka Higashino.  

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Final Results:

1st Place – Adam Jones

2nd Place – Todd Potter

3rd Place- Takayuki Higashino

4th Place – Nate Adams

5th Place – Blake Williams

6th Place – Mike Mason

7th Place – Lance Coury

8th Place – Jeremy Stenberg

9th Place – Clinton Moore

10th Place – Kyle Loza


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