Renthal / Pro Taper? Brace / no brace? Std rise / high rise? Black / Bright colours? When it comes to choosing the right handlebars for your FMX bike, there are a lot of options out there. Old players like Tag and Easton may have dropped out the game, but there are still plenty of tried and tested handlebars to choose from, along with some sweet new ones. 

 Here’s our top 5 picks for available FMX Handlebars:


Pro Taper | Contour Pastrana FMX Bend

Probably the most widely used handlebars in freestyle motocross, the Pro Taper Travis Pastrana signature bend has been used by top pro’s such as Bilko, Nate Adams, David Rinaldo and of course TP himself to name a few, for the best part of the last decade. With a great bend and some cool features, you can’t go wrong with a set of Pro Tapers. Our top recommendation.   


1⅛” tubing at the clamping area

Made from proprietary 5mm 2000 series T6 aluminum alloy for superior tensile and yield strength

Most affordable balance between fatigue life, impact strength, and impact-absorbing flex

High-tech, stress-relieved, shot-peened and anodized finish for unmatched durability

Clutch-side knurling provides maximum grip adhesion

Chemically applied cut lines and alignment grid are scratch- and peel-resistant

Plastic end plugs keep the elements out and provide a stronger base for grip ends

Weighs only 1.55 lbs. (720 grams) without pad

Price: $74.99

ODI | Podium Flight FMX Bend

A relatively new player to the FMX scene, ODI now make the championship winning Podium Flight bars (as used by Ken Roczen on his RCH Suzuki) in an FMX specific bend. A higher rise offers riders more clearance for getting their feet through the bars, and T6 alloy keeps the weight down and adds strength. A low profile / high density bar pad also keeps things tidy and puts your style on point. 


1 1/8″ clamp diameter (requires “oversized” triple clamps or bar mounts)

Constructed of 2014-T6 alloy for added strength

Stealth 2-Toned graphics

Knurled left slide helps with grip bar adhesion

Includes High density foam bar pad

Price: $89.95

Renthal | FatBar Hi Bend

The worldwide no. 1 selling motocross handlebar brand, Renthal have a solid reputation for making the best MX bars in the world. The profiled wall and braceless design combines strength with flexibility. The FatBar comes in a bunch of different bend options, with the hi bend being the one we would recommend for FMX.  


1-1/8″ (28.6 mm) large diameter clamping area.

5 mm wall thickness at the bends is used to increase strength.

Tapered wall construction to 7/8″ (22.2 mm) allows fitment of standard grips and controls.

Braceless design.

7010 T6 aluminum – Renthal has exclusive rights to this specifically developed alloy designed for the manufacture of handlebars.

Shot peened surface finish to help prevent fatigue failure.

Knurled grip area increases bonding between bars and grips.

No knurling in clamp area, this could cause stress on the riser and lead to fatigue failure.

Anodizing – a 15 step anodizing process forms an integral coating giving protection against corrosion.

Laser-etched positioning grid to ease installation.

Made in England in Renthal’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Price: $ 89.99

Neken | Oversized Radical Design Bars

French handlebar brand Neken have seriously upped their game recently. With a huge choice of braceless MX bars that come in a wide range of cool colourways and unique designs, these premium moto bars will help you stand out for sure. Used by FMX World Championship Remi Bizouard, expect to see more from this European brand in the future. 


7010 T6 aluminium aerospace quality

Oversize made with a variable diameter and a variable thickness

Diameter 28,6 mm in the mounting area

Diameter 22 mm in the grip area

40% lighter and stronger than a classic bar

Laser marking for better handlebar centering and indexation

Knurled clutch side for better grip hold

Bar pad included

Price: $ 114.95

Renthal | Twin Wall

Still the no. 1 motocross bar in the world, there is no denying that the Renthal Twinwall is an outstanding MX bar. The only bars that made it onto the list that has a crossbar, the Twinwall’s are known for their market leading strength and classic style. If, like Jeremy ‘Twitch’ Stenberg you don’t put your feet through the bars, but still send it on the reg, you can’t go wrong with these bad boys. 


The safest and strongest handlebars in the world.

Twinwall construction – consists of two aluminum alloy tubes one within the other.

Outer tube is 7010 T73 aluminum, which has extreme resistance to mechanical damage and is anodized to prevent corrosion.

Inner tube is ultra high strength 7010 T6 aluminum and is hard anodized to resist wear from twist grip and controls.

Offers 50% more flex than steel handlebars.

Rubber seals cover the join to keep out water and cleaning fluids.

Laser-etched positioning grid to ease installation.

Renthal’s pioneered bonded lightweight single bolt clamping system for the crossbrace, greatly increases strength whilst still allowing flex.

Knurling – grip end only – increases bonding between bar and grip.

No knurling in clamp area, this could cause stress on the riser and lead to fatigue failure.

A specially developed injection-molded crossbar pad is fitted with every handlebar.

Made in England in Renthal’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Price: $ 119.99

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