Have you ever wondered were pro FMX riders get all there custom FMX bike parts from? Well, 90% of them get them from Sebastian Billault, a Frenchman who has been making FMX flip levers for the likes of Pastrana, Potter, Sincs, the Pages brothers and Bilko to name a few for years. All his products are manufactured 100% in France to the highest possible standard under his company Klayver, who now produce three main FMX specific products.

1. FMX Flip Levers

Price: 390 Euros + Shipping

Used by nearly all pro riders, these FMX flip levers have a super smooth action, fold away neatly, and lock into place solidly – making loads of backflip variation and KOD style tricks possible. Definitely the best FMX flip levers on the market!

2. FMX Foot Levers:

Price: 390 Euros + Shipping

Flip up and down FMX foot levers that are mounted to the chain guard just above your foot – these help you stay on your bike for FMX tricks like no-handed backflips and lay-back no handers.

3. YZ 250 FMX Subframe:

Price: 690 Euros + Shipping

FMX Subframes made to be the perfect shape for allowing seat grabs on a YZ 2 stroke – (The standard ones are the wrong shape)

All these FMX products are available now!

To get yours, drop an E-mail to: sebastien billault on –  sebastien.billault@wanadoo.fr


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