Iron Punk is a new FMX Flip Lever and hardware brand, offering high quality and personalised Flip Levers for your FMX bike. Based out of LLeides, Spain, Iron Punk is headed up by FMX rider and entrepreneur, Antonio Navas. 


“10 months developing and testing several materials, we came up with the hardest aluminium in the market, that makes them light but strong at the same time, hardest stainless for the bars, softest silicone for pads, and a special block system without any bolt that could be broken or loose, all together makes an INDESTRUCTIBLE flip lever.

And for those who look for an extra protection, we developed an special silicone part that can avoid injuries from hitting the levers.

Designed by engineers, made by the lastest technology machines and developed and tested by pro riders.” Iron Punk. 

In late 2016, Iron Punk released their latest version of Flip Levers:

“Presenting the new pads generation. After trying lots of different silicone and rubbers, we ended up with this special rubber made on a specific mold over 150 Celsius degrees (300 F) providing the softest and strongest pads ever made. We also added an aluminum cap for a nicer looking at the end.” Antonio Navas

Rider Run: Iron Punk Owner Antonio Navas’ bike:

Iron Punk Flip Levers are used by some of the biggest riders in the game including Leo Fini, Pat Bowden, Sebastian Westberg, Marc Pinyol, The Bolddog FMX Team, Davide Rossi, Freestyle Motocross legend Travis Pastrana and more.

Available now! 

Pair of Iron Punk Flip Levers:  350 Euros

Custom Name or Brand engraving available

Two colors available: polished aluminium and black aluminium.
For special colors please contact Iron Punk.

Iron Punk Foot Pegs coming soon!


IRONPUNK :made by pros for pros.



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