The most important thing when you discover your true passion is to give it everything you have to get to where you want to be. Making the most of your opportunities opens lots of doors, this is never more true than in FMX. You might not come from the classic riding hot-spots of the world but none of that matters if you really want it. For this month’s DFTU we take a trip to Ireland to catch up with a young lad who is ticking all of the above boxes and loving every minute of his FMX adventure. Keep an eye on Evan, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing much more of him in the future. 

Words by Tom Burns

Photos courtesy of Evan Mullarkey

Name? Evan Mullarkey

Age? 21

Bike? 2016 Kawasaki KXF450

From? Balline, Co Mayo, Ireland

How did you get into riding FMX?

From what I can remember it’s the first thing that got my attention from a very young age. As I got older and bigger there were no motocross tracks close to home, so my Dad and I built a freestyle ramp and it started from there.


Ireland isn’t known for FMX riders, but there seems to be a good scene over there. Did you all start riding the ramps together?

No it’s not known for FMX riders that’s for sure. Over the last year and a half the scene has been been growing stronger. Vinny Tanner, who is now my very good friend, asked me if I would be interested in getting back into FMX and I agreed. We didn’t know each other then and I was not riding at the time. With his foam pit and FMX compound, along with other friends compounds now available, we just said “let’s get it going and keep it going”.


How much good weather do you get there for riding? I have seen some FMX Ireland clips and sometimes it looks a little damp.

Not so much good weather I’m afraid, but the side of Ireland where we train, close to Cork city, has more of the good weather then my home in the West. We don’t let it stop us though. We have mesh run ups and usually we just ride in the mud to get it done. It’s what you have to do to train when you are Irish!

You are in Europe doing shows at the moment, hows that going? where have you been?

Yes, I have been in Europe riding shows for the last five months. Since I started my trip to Europe I have trained at the Lleides park in Spain and went from there to start shows in Hungry and also jumped at some shows in Poland. I’m hoping to get to Germany when I finish here.


Is this your first year riding shows? How do you like it?

Yes this is my first year riding shows and I’m loving every minute of it! It’s a lot of work and a lot of travel but life is good. I’ve been Meeting lots of good people along the way and some sick FMX riders who are always very welcoming.


How did you get into riding the shows in Europe?

A rider from the U.K put me in contact with the boss, who I’m riding for. He brought me out for a training session and to see how I was on the ramps. After that I started shows for him. It was a good opportunity and I jumped at the chance.

Is your plan to train as much as possible over the winter and do shows next year also?

My plan is to train and push myself to the level I want to be at over the winter and then get back into the shows next year. Time on the bike is everything for me and to keep going after my dream. To come all the way from Ireland to do it was one big step for me, but a good one. I also can’t wait to hang out and ride with the boys back home.


What do you think about the big comps such as X-Fighters and X Games? I feel there is not enough chances for new/younger riders to get there.

Yes I love watching them. Watching X-Fighters as a kid was what drove me nuts about freestyle. I knew then that FMX was what I wanted to do. I just hope I can bring myself to the level of doing Flip tricks. But the chances for up and coming riders in comps like this are very small, so this holds them back from really pushing themselves. But you know dreams are endless and you don’t know where you will be in a few years time. Never stop dreaming and pushing yourself for what you want, you just have to get after it.


What do you like to do when you are not riding?

Chill back and watch some freestyle videos, hang out with the boys and get some fitness in. Stuff like that.



Are you into the old Moto XXX and Crusty videos?

Yes I like to watch many of the oldies, Crusty etc and also the newer stuff like Chasing The Storm.


Awesome, thanks for doing this mate and hope the rest of the year is good to you. Any shout outs?

Shout out to ‘FMX Ireland’ (find em on Facebook) Tom and to Vinny Tanner for getting me back into it and for being behind me all the way.  

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