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Joel Brown, 27 from Griffith, NSW, has taken out the final round of the Australian FMX Championships in Mackay and the points win to take out the 2013 AFMXC overall series.

Brown has been at the top of the AFMXC series all year, and what could have been a season ending crash at the 3rd round in Boonah, Joel managed to return to the bike in time for the final round and win the overall series.

“I couldn’t be happier right now.  I’ve set my goal to do well and win the AFMXC this year and it feels great that I’ve completed it” Joel said.  “The hard work has paid off after all the riding this year, but it wasn’t an easy win with everyone riding so good this year!”


Brown’s win at the series finale in Mackay capped off a big year for Australia’s only FMX Championship.  With the first round cancelled due to heavy rains on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, The second round in Coonabarabran was tough as riders battled the wind, but Brown held together to win over a packed field including a tight battle with Matt Schubring.

“This year I was having a lot of fun on the massive course.  I felt better going into the second round at Goanna Tracks being more mentally and physically prepared, even though the battle with Schuie made it difficult.”


The third round which was held at Schubring’s home compound was always going to be hard, but when Joel had slipped neutral and crashed in the ‘double-double’ ramp section, Brown’s hopes had faded on competing for the rest of the series.  However, Joel showed his mettle when he continued to ride qualifying and semi-finals to reach 3rd place until retiring hurt with a fractured heel.

“All I wanted to do in Boonah after the crash was keep the championship alive, I just had to keep riding.  My aim was to get to the semi’s just to get some more points.  I ended up qualifying for the Top 3 main, and I did better than I thought I could. The 3rd place points kept me in the series race.”


With the fourth and final round in Mackay and Matt Schubring unavailable to battle for points, there were plenty of other riders who would step up to pressure Joel for the win.  Brown had returned with only one day of riding after the previous crash and navigated his way to winning the final round win and sealing the series victory overall.

“I only rode for the first time since the crash on Saturday before I drove up to Mackay.  My timing was out, so I was a bit nervous about doing my big tricks, but I felt better as the day went on and really happy with the result.  I have set more goals for myself and can’t wait for what comes next.”


Brown is supported by UNIT, The Collective Family, Filtrate Eyewear, Fusion, Fist Handwear, Kirkman Motorcycles, Motul, RK Chains, Oneal Racing, Gaerne.

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