Full results, video and photos from the X Games Moto X Best Trick 2017

KTM rider Levi Sherwood won the Moto X Best Trick gold medal at X Games Minneapolis on Saturday, making it his second of the weekend. Sherwood threw down two different Double Backflip combinations to take the victory ahead of Jacksong Strong who landed his crazy Double Drop and Clinton Moore who stomped a massive Bundy. 

Levi Sherwood lands a No Handed Double Backflip | Photo: Garth Milan/Red Bull

X Games Moto X Best Trick Finals Video

X Games Moto X Best Trick 2017 Results

X Games 2017 Moto X Best Trick Podium | Photo: Garth Milan/Red Bull

  1. Levi Sherwood
  2. Jackson Strong
  3. Clinton Moore
  4. Josh Sheehan
  5. Taka Higashino
  6. Harry Bink
  7. Rob Adelberg
  8. Libor Podmol


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