The long anticipated Black Friday is finally out and available on itunes! 4 or 5 years since their last film the Metal Mulisha have definitely stepped it up a level and produced Black Friday with director Jay Schweitzer from the groundbreaking ‘On The Pipe’ series.  The film is pretty epic and does have quite a ‘new skool mulisha’ feel to it.  It looks amazing, is so well filmed and edited and the riding is next level – basically Jay Schweitzer has nailed it again!

Parts that really stood out for me were some of the younger guys like Wes Agee, who was throwing down some of the biggest natural terrain backflips out there,  Taka who’s seat grab backlip tricks and all round style set him apart for sure and OX who had an absolutely sick ending section and emotional tributes with nothing but good words to be said by the rest of the crew about the legends that are Jeff Kargola and Jeremy Lusk. There’s also a couple of really cool cameo’s from some of the true Mulisha OG’s – Larry Linkogle and Scummy. Dan Pastor is still killing it in the hills rocking Fleshgear, and Todd Potter’s section from his park and Danimals was insane!  Another massive highlight was the opening track – an absolute banger used in Disturbing the Peace back in the day – be sure to crank it up!

Throughout the whole film there is very little contest riding, medals and ramp parks. It’s pretty much all natural terrain, huge dirt hits and backyard jams. Black Friday definitely sets a new standard in Freeriding. Even if you’re not a massive Metal Mulisha head, this is definitely a must see FMX film.

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