New Zealand must surely be near the top of everyone’s list of places to visit. There seems to be endless cool stuff to do, from Mountain Biking to White Water Rafting and everything in between. From an FMX/Freerider’s point of view just looking at pictures of the landscape makes the mouth water, I’m pretty sure the place was made for riding. Combine that with the super cool, friendly people and a complete lack of snakes and you have quite a place. We caught up with NZ Freeride legend Caleb Delacy from NZ Freeride for this DFTU to find out a bit more about life down under.

Words by Tom Burns

Photography by @waynemarshimages / @highdefmoto 

Name? Caleb Delacy

Age? 28

From? Auckland, New Zealand

Bike? ktm  Sx 250

How did you get into riding FMX and Freeriding?

I grew up on a small island, so didn’t start riding until I moved to the NZ mainland at 15. I Raced motocross for a little while but soon out rode my budget lol.  I started riding at the local beach and never looked back. I met some cool guys who were doing the same thing. The first ramp i hit was this dodgy wooden thing that we constructed in the forest haha. As far as FMX goes, I was lucky enough to run into Nick Franklin in my later teens, he helped me out hugely and my buddy Cole built a place too, so we actually had a spots to jump.


New Zealand looks like a pretty epic place. Are the “recreational” areas (like Ocatilo in the US) where you can go freeriding or is everywhere private?

New Zealand is awesome and has some of the best freeriding terrain. But trying to get to most of it is impossible. Everything’s privately owned and any parks are not vehicle friendly, so its very hard to find spots to freeride.


What’s the scene like in New Zealand?                        

Motocross is big and there is lots of motorcycle enthusiasts. But as far as FMX and Freeriding goes it’s a near non existent scene and the small amount of us that do it are pretty spread out. Farm jam is our one and only badass event that gets everyone together.


Do you work a regular job and ride just in your free time?

Yeah dude I’m a sparky (electrician) by trade, and I ride the weekend as much as the weather allows.


Farm Jam looked awesome, how was it for you?              

Farm jam is fricken wicked dude, it’s the the best time. The Frew brothers and those associated have created such a good event! I had next to no practice leading up to it haha, so I just rode safe and had loads of fun riding with all the lads.

Is the Farm Jam freeride/fmx area built just for the Jam or can you ride there throughout the year?  

It’s there all the time i think. The boys (Frews) let people go up there, but it’s at the opposite end of the country to me so it’s a treat I look forward to every two years haha.


Are there any other FMX comps in New Zealand?                      

Just farm jam dude.


Do you have any opinions on the general state of FMX?

Dunno if I am qualified to comment haha, I would definitely like to see more freeride comps for sure.


Best places to ride in New Zealand?                                    

Can’t give up my spots mate haha. For me would be the beach, my buddy Corkys farm, and the Franklin Farm.


Who do you ride with most of the time?                                

Ah I ride with lots of people; Alex Bennett, Micheal Wheeler, Paxton Tibbits, Sam Ashby all live close by and I travel a bit to ride with Nick and Levi too.

Best things about living in New Zealand?                              

Everything hahahaha, I haven’t travelled loads to compare,  but NZ has pretty good people and a good variation of activities to do.


Best Moto film ever?

Daayum dude that’s a tricky one haha. It all started with crusty 3 for me. But there are heaps of good ones.

Top 5 bands?            

Only 5? There are so many good ones though haha.  Pennywise, NOFX, Strung Out, Rage Against the Machine and Pantera.


What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Just ride as much as possible. I’ve got a cool idea for an edit that I’d like to try complete this year, and then I’ll try and pop over and see the Cali boys in the winter – yeeeha!


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