O Canada, what a wonderful place. The second largest country on Earth, with more lakes than the rest of the world combined and the longest street on the planet (Yonge street at 1,178 miles). It should come as no surprise then that Canada has some pretty cool people especially those that enjoy a bit of FMX. For this DFTU we chat to one of these cool people and it is safe to say she is on her way to great things, no doubt about it. As the great Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys would say “deeeecent”.



Kassie Boone




2008 Suzuki RM250


Belmont Ontario, Canada

Words by Tom Burns

Photography by Jeff Whaling and Kassie Boone

Lets jump in the time machine and go back to the beginning, how did it all start for you? How did you get into FMX? 

Well, I started riding at the age of 5. My dad being a racer and my brother who is two years older than me also rode bikes. Since the start all my brother and I wanted to do at the tracks was jump. My dad had a bunch of wild riding buddy’s, so we grew up around that, went big and always had a good time. I’d say the fun freestyle aspect has been in me from an early age. We were raised on old school dirt bikes and always wanted to be like the free riders.

Growing up riding was always fun for us and we were never serious, even when we did race. I’ve always gone out and did whatever was fun that day, which is always jumping!

I had my first invite in 2013 to hit a ramp. Without hesitation I loaded up my bike, and without telling my parents I hit my first jump at 65ft.

knowing I had a passion for ramps I had to find something in my area or buy my own set up. I remembered a buddy I had met at the races who jumped shows back in 2005, I tried hunting him down but could never find his number and he was not on social media.

In a rant I told my step dad, him being a local truck driver he told me there were ramps in a field roughly 20 mins from are place. I jumped in my car and took off to go check it out. Being the shy quiet girl I use to  be I couldn’t knock on the door. But I noticed on the FMX landing there was a “land fill wanted” sign with his number. I took it down and a couple weeks later (after I grew some courage) I called. And he was amped, all his FMX buddies had bailed through out the years and he had no one to jump with.

That was the beginning of FMX for me.

Once you began hitting the ramps did the tricks come easily?

I believe so, from always doing tricks and whips on the track I already knew the basics. I’ve come along pretty fast for the little bit of ramp time I’ve put in.

Do you have a place to ride whenever you want now? and people to ride with?

My primary place is at my buddy Curtis Williams’ spot (Springfield, ON) and I currently just jump with him. Separating his pelvis last fall, he’s on the side lines helping me get better and spotting me when he can. With two new babies and a loving wife, it’s a bit tough to take up his time. But the dream is to find a spot I can ride everyday, with people to ride with. As I currently do all my jumping on my own.

It is always awesome to see people still out there on the 2 Strokes, what made you choose the Suzuki?

The spring of 2016 I was tight on money and needed a bike for the season. It just so happened that my brother was down to sell his 08 RM 250 to me for a decent price, with the help of my dad. The two stroke just happened to fall into my lap and I love it. I’m very happy it went down like it did, I’ve learned a lot.

do you have any desire to move to the dark side (4 bangers)?

It’s a tough call, I know I can adapt and be good on either but would love to test a newer 250 and 450f to really make up my mind. I do miss aspects of the four and would love to have one again once the budget is right.

What are you thoughts on the FMX scene in general? If you could change anything about it what would it be?

That’s a tough question being so new and still learning. I have met some amazing athletes that I look up to and am excited to see what the future holds.

Do you have a “regular” job outside of riding?

I recently quit my job as a mushroom picker (lmao) to pursue FMX and the stunt dream. I’m all in.

When you are not riding what things do you like to do?

I love to chill, I’m a fairly quiet person and enjoy my time watching YouTube videos and FMX videos. I’m also into photos/videos and making edits. If I get bored of that, you can usually find me ripping wheelies on my pit bike.

Do you get to travel much with your riding?

Growing up we stayed in the south western part of Ontario. When I turned 20 I started making winter trips down south. In 2013 I toured down and qualified for Loretta Lynn. Also, did a FMX trip to Texas once.

It is no secret that the majority of FMX riders are male, does that have any effect on you?

Not really to be honest. I just want to be as good as the guys and feel I have it in me to do that. Maybe not top guys in the sport, but a step below. Being a girl and having amazing support actually motivates me. I know I do have an advantage of being a girl and not having to go as big as the dudes at shows. But that doesn’t mean I wont, I’m never satisfied and I always train to be better and strive for more.

Do you think is has an image that can put off the potential female riders?

No, I believe to do this you need to have it in you. Also having the want to do it for yourself and not caring about an image. This sport takes the right kind of athlete and if image is intimidating you,  it will only hold you back.

Are you a fan of the old Moto XXX and Crusty Demons films?

100%, I grew up on crusty and am still hooked to the old school style.

Thanks for your time Kassie, would you like to thank anyone?

My whole family. Especially my Dad, Mom, my step dad and my brother. A huge thanks to Curtis Williams and his family. Also to my extended moto family and hard core supporters: Sonya Coburn, Jeff Whaling, Jody Butler, Jayson Housing, all the boys at whisky throttle mx. Finally, a shoutout to all my sponsors:

Fibrenew London

Jeff Whaling films

Strikt Gear

Thirty Eight Ride Co.

M7 Design Graphics

Jeff Whaling Films

SurKut Machine Technoloy Inc.

And everyone else supporting me and helping me crush my FMX career. Thank you for your time and support


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